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AND site update: search options

Last week, the lay-out and presentation of the online AND [ ] was updated (for the first time since it was opened to the public back in 2006!), making it compatible for use on computers, tablets or handheld devices and adding new features. In the next couple of blog-posts, we will talk you through some of the possibilities and changes. One immediately striking difference is that the main AND page now has two search boxes – two main ways of accessing entries in the dictionary. 1. Use ‘jump to’ for browsing the alphabetical list of headwords. At start-up, the left-hand area of the screen shows a segment of the headword list starting with the first entry. As before, forms in  white  link directly to a substantive entry. Forms in   yellow indicate a cross-reference headword, and lead automatically to the referenced substantive entry or entries. Click or tap on a headword to fetch the entry into the main area of the screen. You can alte